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Joachim Janert is active in the trust sector since 2001. He is senior partner of the CONFIDENTIA Treuhand Anstalt.


Joachim Janert holds a 180a certification/licence by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein FMA. In his roles as member of the administrative board and administrator, he works for international clients. Aside from his work as Trustee, he is specialized in the handling of international financial market vehicles, especially of securitizations, bearer bonds, and other structures – with and without stock exchange listings.


Languages: German, English


  • BSc (Bachelor of Science)

  • University Training Treuhandwesen (Trust Business)

  • University degree as a trust expert NDS (diplomierter liechtensteinischer Treuhand-Experte) 

  • CAS in national and international taxation law

  • Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Taxation

Dr. Hannes Mähr was founding partner of a law firm in 2001 and works since 2013 as independent attorney in close cooperation with Seeger, Frick and Partner. He is a member of the Bar of Liechtenstein, qualified to practice law in Austria, and senior partner of CONFIDENTIA Treuhand Anstalt.

Hannes Mähr works in an advisory role for various local businesses and is specialized in complex bank– and liability litigation. As member of the foundation board and trustee with Audina Treuhand AG, he acts also on the behalf of international clients.

Languages: German, English


  • Law in Innsbruck, Mag. iur. (1999), Dr. iur. (2001)

  • Accredited Lawyer in Liechtenstein, 2001

  • Accredited Lawyer in Austria, 2002



Litigation, Corporate- and Trade Law, Foundation- and Trust Law, Compensation for Damages, Advisor- and Corporate Liability, Tax Law, International Civil Law, International Civil Procedure Law.

Location and Team

Principality of Liechtenstein

The financial centre Liechtenstein distinguishes itself through its legal security, modern infrastructure, central location within Europe, and its monetary union with Switzerland. The wide spectrum of products and services within the financial sector corresponds with international standards. The financial service providers are subject to the control of an independent Financial Market Authority.

The six main categories of Liechtenstein’s financial service providers are:


  • Banks and Investment Firms

  • Portfolio Management Companies

  • Investment Management Companies

  • Fiduciaries, Lawyers, Auditors

  • Insurance Companies

  • Miscellaneous Service Providers: Accountants, Mediators, Business Consultants


The financial sector, which generates approximately 30 percent of the gross domestic product, is after industry and production trade the second largest economic sector of Liechtenstein. Among the most important services are private asset management, international asset structuring as well as fund business and a range of insurance solutions.

Milestones of the economic growth of Liechtenstein were the customs treaty with Switzerland (1923), the adoption of the Swiss Franc as legal currency (1924), and the formation of specific foundations of corporate law (1926). The entry into the European Economic Area (EEA) in the year 1995 facilitated the international market access for industry and financial sector and insures regulation in accordance with the European standard. Since 1995, Liechtenstein is also a member of the World Trade Organization WTO.

The primary advantages of the financial centre Liechtenstein are:

  • A liberal Company Law

  • A secure Economic and Political Environment in Central Europe

  • The Free Movement of Capital with Switzerland and the European Union

  • The Swiss Franc as a stable Currency

  • Economical and Tax Friendly Environment with Attractive Tax Conditions for Natural or Legal Entities

  • An Efficient Banking System

  • State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure, good Transport Link

  • An Advanced Level of Discretion while at the same time Compliance with International Legal Standards for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Organized Crime

CONFIDENTIA Treuhand Establishment

Our head office is located at Bergstrasse 10, just above the Castle Vaduz - discretely remote and yet centrally located.

Senior Management

Qualification, commitment, and long-time practice are imperative requirements for a dynamic and successful team. We are your partners. With the support of the brain of the attorney and analyst and the eye of the fiduciary expert from Liechtenstein with a Master’s degree in International Taxation, you can fully focus on your individual priorities. We take good care of all the rest, have you covered, and guarantee the meticulous and discrete handling of your affairs.

Dr. iur. Hannes Mähr
Joachim Janert
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