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Securitization and Structuring of Bonds and Shares

An increasingly popular instrument for the flow of finances and goods is the securitization. Securitization takes place frequently via a special purpose vehicle (SPV). Its only purpose is the issuance of these securities; and its assets consist of the shares transferred to the company. In accordance with risk factors, the thus securitized rights can be broken down further and traded.

Simply put, this is a mutual claim relationship which typically incorporates the transfer of capital in return for a claim (e.g. entitlement to interest payment or also goods).

Various types of securitization are possible; the design of their content depends entirely on the individual requirements of the client as well as on the intended purpose.

Other names for securitizations are bonds, debenture stocks or bearer bonds, just to name a few.

One differentiates here between approval-exempt private placements or those with a so-called prospectus requiring the approval by a Financial Market Authority (e.g. the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority FMA, BaFin in Germany, etc.)

Further, one discerns whether electronic availability of shares for bank deposits is required or not.



If needed, these instruments can be assigned an ISIN and WKN as well as a security number. Should the need arise, the option of a stock exchange listing exists as well.

Our extensive experience with such issuances, both, with and without stock exchange listing, and with the approval process of various Financial Market Authorities, makes us your competent contact partner.

Together, we determine your requirements and your individual needs and options so that your project turns into a success. We offer you a one-stop service of structuring the company, combined with the preparation of the prospectus, such as the approval by a Financial Market Authority.


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