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Advisory Services

We advise and support our clients comprehensively in all questions surrounding the structuring of their projects so that they can be designed and sustained for the long term under consideration of their individual requirements. With that in mind, we establish and manage legal entities, especially foundations, trusts, and companies in Liechtenstein and other jurisdictions. Securitizations or creative demand- and contract designs can also become effective instruments.


The requirements concern in particular


  • Holding of Participations, Holding of interests in companies

  • Estate / Inheritance Planing

  • Asset Protection

  • Pursuits of Non Profit and Charitable Purposes


We recognize the existence of associated legal and tax issues and challenges. We assist with the development of sustainable and long term solutions.


In our supportive role to our clients, we adapt existing structures continuously to changed legal, tax, family related and corporate circumstances. In doing so, we consider our clients in their entirety and integrate their various concerns into the overall picture. Also included are all family office services.

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